Friday, September 16, 2011

"Chicken Head! Chicken Head!"

My beautiful girlfriend, one of her seven brothers, his two kids, and I were at the beach one weekend.  She only has four brothers and one sister, but when she tells me stories about them, it seems as if there are more like seven brothers and one sister.  
We went down town in Ocean Shores, to entertain the kids and do some grocery shopping.  There was a little strip mall of touristy shops.  It was tourist season.
Parenthetically, my grandma once warned me before one of my travels, to be careful of the tourists.  Watch out for tourists.  I later figured out that she might have meant terrorists.  Keep an eye out for tourists!
There was a pizza place, a candy store, and an ice cream shop, a kite store, and two knick knack shops.  Except for the pizza place, we toured them all extensively.  We were in the last knick knack shop looking around when I came across these silly hats.  My girlfriend loves the fact that I’m quite silly.  
The two kids were having fits because they didn’t get all they wanted from the candy store or any Legos from one of the knick knack shops.  I thought, what a weapon to have in my arsenal.  There are many situations that just call out for a silly hat, and this might just be one of them.  So, I picked out one that was in the shape of a roasted chicken, I.E.: the silliest hat they had, and bought it.  I put it on, and they both got devilish looks on there faces. 
They pointed at me and started taunting loudly, in unison, and in as much harmony as a five year old and an eight year old can have, “Chicken head!  Chicken head!”  We smiled.  
In the car on the way to the grocery store I looked at Diane and said, “Do you dare me to wear it into the store?”
She said, “Well, YEAH...” with a big smile.
So I did.  Everyone I caught a glimpse of was smiling...either with me...or AT me.  But I didn’t care, because I had made my girlfriend and her niece and nephew smile.  AND her brother roll his eyes.  
The kids started acting up at one point and I yelled at them in a fake angry voice with the chicken head hat on, “Stop being silly!”  To which about five people, who couldn’t help but stare, started openly laughing.  
The kids looked up at me, “Chicken head! Chicken head!”  I smiled.
Later, her brother had taken the kids to the car as we went through the check out line.  
There was this little three year old girl, cute as anything.  She could have been a spokesmodel for any product, and she would have doubled sales.  She was that sweet looking. As I was walking out, she tugged at my arm.  I turned, and she pointed, and began to taunt me with a sweet little voice, “Chicken head!  Chicken Head!”  She was probably the tourist my grandma warned me about.

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  1. You are silly, all right. But isn't that technically more of a turkey's a**?