Saturday, October 29, 2011

Prophylactic Mischief

My friend who's quadriplegic, who shall go nameless, was at the store with his caregiver. They were all done shopping but my friend didn’t want to go home yet. So...They happened to be in the condom isle. He told her to get him a box of the Trojan XLs in the black box. She did. And then the hunt was on.

For twenty minutes they searched through the store for likely candidates. They only found one. Down the pancake mix isle. So, when the old lady was away from her cart, he told his caregiver to put the condoms in it. The unsuspecting woman put more groceries on top of the little black box. I’m not sure because I wasn’t there, but I imagine this put a devilish grin on my friend's face.

She finished shopping and went to the check out line. Four or five people got behind her. She unloaded her shopping cart on the little conveyer belt, including the black box. 

The cashier was scanning everything, and he scanned the rubbers and put them in the bag.

She realized there was something wrong, and asked to see what he just put in her bag. He fumbled through the bag, and pulled out the Trojans. He held them up so she could see them, and he didn’t have to say what the were.

“Well, I don’t use THOSE!” She said, “I don’t know how they got in there!” All the people behind her in line grinned. “I really don’t use THOSE!”

Meanwhile, My friend was nearly in tears trying to hold the laughter in.

He called me and told me the story and finished it off with…“Technically, I don’t think that’s even a sin...Is it?

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