Monday, August 26, 2013

Apple iPhone 5s

There are rumors that there will be an Apple event scheduled for September 10, most likely at 10:00AM to announce new products including the iPhone 5s and the 5c.  I love these things, and have often followed them by keeping track of some guy who is in the audience updating his blog with his phone.  Apple has not, as of yet, said a word.  BUT they have started training for a trade in service for old iPhones.  The new iPhones are rumored to go on sale the 20th of September. (Or waiting-half-the-day-in-line day.)

The new 5S is rumored to have a 13 or 17 MP camera with an f2 lens.  The 5 had an f2.8 lens to an 8 MP sensor.  Other improvements in the rumor mill, a silver/gray and a champagne gold color option added to the black and white.  There is supposed to be a fingerprint sensor built into the home button.  This rumor started when Apple bought a fingerprint sensor company.  Also rumored, a 128GB model.  (A-sweeeeeeet!) The phone is said to be speeded up a third with the A7 processor.  No word on battery life.  Also, no word on the features of the 5c.

With an f2 lens which is a stop faster, and 13 to 17 MP sensor, I'm going to start actively looking for fine art photographs.  It is the perfect limiting camera.  You only have one lens, slightly wide, about a 35mm lens if it were a 35mm film camera.  It should have fairly low depth of field, another thing that's limiting.  Awesome for fine art photographers.  

My contract with Sprint allows me to get a new phone September 1st.  So if you're looking for me after the 20th, I'll most likely be somewhere with my new camera, looking for images and cleaning my lens.  Call me because my camera is also my phone...If I'm not in your front yard photographing your flowers.  

I will update this article the minute things change.

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